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Welcome to Radio Spin
Welcome to the world of Radio Spin where anchor Mark McMainstay gives a collection of alternative movers, shakers and strange characters a voice under the increasingly critical eye of station manager Dick Crane and producer Leo Offenbach.

Fractured presenter McMainstay, who hosts the McMain interview as well as a collection of special news and current affairs features, works closely with seemingly diplomatic producer Offenbach, while Crane hovers overhead like some psycho eagle ready to swoop.

The station, which has a policy of giving everyone a voice under the catch cry ‘spin belongs to everyone’, is now poised to go global through a series of podcasts created by Michael Burns Kennedy and Brett Debritz.

This series of five minute interviews and behind- the-scenes production meetings, between McMainstay and Offenbach, will be posted and achieved once a fortnight in 12 segments starting now.

These entertainment tasters feature the voice of Brett Debritz as Mark McMainstay, while Michael Burns Kennedy takes on the roles of the station’s guests and producer Leo Offenbach.

The segments have been written by Kennedy, while Debritz looks after the editorial needs and design of this mini-series. As the voice talent does not appear with the kind permission of any acknowledged performance company and there’s no one remotely to do with direction involved, a wing and plenty of prayers have played a significant role in its creation.

To hear episodes 1 to 4, click here.
To hear episodes 5 to 8, click here.
To hear episodes 1 to 4, click here.