A man for all seasons

A man for all seasons

Posted October 10th, 2011 by debritz

Queensland Theatre Company artistic director Wesley Enoch launched his first season with a bang yesterday - literally, by firing off a starting pistol. Enoch put his stamp on the occasion - a subscribers' launch at the QPAC Playhouse - from the outset, with a video ostensibly showing him running late for the event (although eagle-eyed attendees would have spotted in the foyer beforehand) before a grand entrance on stage.

First among the on-stage guests at the launch was Christen O'Leary, who has returned to live in Brisbane after carving out a successful stage career in Melbourne. O'Leary sang beautifully and spoke about her one-woman show, Bombshells, written by Joanna Murray Smith.

The season also includes the Belvoir Street revival of Summer of the Seventeenth Doll; Shakepeare's Romeo and Juliet, directed by Jennifer Flowers; an adaption of Dario Fo's Elizabeth, Almost By Chance a Woman, starring Carol Burns; Alana Valentine's Head Full of Love, starring Colette Mann and Roxanne McDonald; Matthew Ryan's Kelly, which focuses both on bushranger Ned and his brother Dan, who allegedly escaped to Queensland in the aftermath of the last stand at Glenrowan; and David Williamson's Managing Carmen, about a cross-dressing footballer.

QTC subscribers will get preferential booking opportunities for Stephen page's Blood Land and the Brisbane season of the stage version of British comedy Yes, Prime Minister. Details are here.