The perfect Malaysian Solution

The perfect Malaysian Solution

Posted October 17th, 2011 by debritz

It's A Knockout always was a parody of a television sports show, so it makes perfect sense to cast H.G. Nelson as one of the hosts of the remake.

The format itself has been around for yonks in various countries - controversially so in the UK when Prince Edward produced a royal version, much to the delight of anti-monarchists.

In Australia it's remembered as a national vehicle for Billy J. Smith and Fiona Macdonald, who until then were largely unknown outside of Brisbane. (Remember local television? Anybody?) While I'd love to think Billy J. has one more season in him, it's a great gig for H.G., who has referred to the format as "the people's Olympics".

Now if only somebody will give H.G. and Roy Slaven a gig calling the real Olympics next year ...