Fidler gives up his afternoon job

Posted November 30th, 2011 by debritz

Brisbane radio 612ABC afternoons host Richard Fidler has confirmed that he will give up the 1-3pm weekday program to concentrate on his networked 11am Conversations with Richard Fidler program.

Fider, who is on leave while being treated for burns to his hands sustained during a "cooking misadventure", returned to the show today to tell fill-in host Chris Welsh of the move, which was first reported here at

Fidler said the burden of doing two shows was becoming too great, but "I did it for as long as I could".

Sources have told me that current Drive host Kelly Higgins-Devine will move into the afternoon slot. 612 ABC's line-up for 2012, expected to be announced on Friday, will include at least two new voices, in Drive and the flagship Mornings program, which was vacated by Madonna King last month. Terri Begley, who has been filling in for King, is believed to be among a long list of announcers considered for the position.

I understand that several "names" from other media have put themselves forward for the Mornings job.

If player does not appear, the audio is here.

On air this afternoon, Fidler explained how his shirt caught fire while lighting a methylated spirits burner used to cook a Vietnamese dish. He used his hands to put out the flame, and they were badly burnt.

He said he was recovering quickly but would be required to wear compression clothing similar to cycling gear for about a year.

"I'm up and about and walking as you see, perfectly unencumbered," he told Welsh.

Fidler said he was thankful for the medical attention he had received, and was grateful that his children, who were in the room during the incident, were unharmed.

He also said he had gathered a lot of scientific insights from the experience of having skin grafts.

"Part of me is going 'ow' but part of me is going 'cool'."

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Catholic tastes?

Posted November 25th, 2011 by debritz

Update: Email received from ACU on Monday, November 28: "ACU pulled its advertising from the Kyle and Jackie O Show last week."

A screenshot from the 2DayFM website. Exactly how does this align with the values of the advertiser, the Australian Catholic University? Oh, and today is White Ribbon Day - presumably 2Day star Kyle Sandilands will take the opportunity to "hunt down" a "fat slag" journalist.

I have contacted the ACU media office for comment. (See update above.)

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